Moai Films has a proven track record of production excellence with more than 15 years of experience in the industry from development through post-production. With more than 12 international and national industry awards, our insured crews have worked with a wide variety of professional workflows — from film stock to digital cinema — and have traveled around the globe to produce film and television content.

Our work has received millions of views on many online, broadcast and cinema platforms. We continue to push boundaries and work with the world’s most innovative brands such as Dolby and Blackmagic Design to discover new storytelling techniques.

Among others, Moai Films’ award-winning crews includes a multi award winning international Director (mentored by an Academy Award winning director), a world renown veteran ASC Cinematographer, an Academy Award Winning Sound Designer,  a veteran Hollywood VFX Supervisor,  a top Acting Coach with connections to “A List” talent (The Chronicles of Narnia, The Count of Monte Cristo, Peter Pan) and an experienced Line Producer who has successfully completed and managed hundreds of business plans, budgets and schedules for feature film productions.

In addition to our production team, Moai Films is part of the Global Village Media Group, a digital media agency specializing in marketing, public relations, press releases and distribution to both English and Spanish speaking markets. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to personal and professional integrity, Moai Films is the ideal partner for this production project.

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