HUNTER GRAIL is a wild-west prize-fighter known to his dime novel fans as Death Fist. A haunting past has driven him to a life of self-destruction. He’s about to move further west and settle down, when he receives a telegram from his estranged father pleading for help. Hunter journeys back home, to find his father missing and his sister Anne betrothed to the man now running the family claim, Jeb Jackson.

Jeb was part of the infamous Donner Party, which turned to cannibalism for survival during the harsh winter. Over time Jeb was influenced by a mysterious force known as The Dark and has become the leader of a cult centered around the consumption of human flesh. His goal is to marry Anne Grail, take her land deed in Utah, and establish a territory where his flesh-eaters can pursue their deadly agenda free from outside interference.

After Hunter finds his father murdered, he tries to flee with Anne, but is defeated by Jeb, who literally feasts on his still-beating heart. Left for dead, Hunter is resurrected by teenager Bill Cody (Buffalo Bill), a dabbler in witchcraft. They set off together to save Anne, quickly striking up a darkly comic relationship akin to that of Walter White and Jessie Pinkman in BREAKING BAD. Along the way they team up with an Ute Indian, named Crow, and a shotgun toting Priest. Together they navigate Hunter’s new powers and find a way to defeat Jeb and his cult of Flesh-Eaters.

Hunter will learn that in order to grow into the hero they need, he’ll have to reach deep inside his soul and confront the sins of his past. Only once he saves himself, can he harness his powers to save others as well.

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